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Samura's "Badger Hole" story arc continues, as Rin and Döa begin to explore the network of tunnels that wind below Edo Castle. One of these dank, dangerous tunnels may lead them to Kagimura and Doc Burando's blasphemous "immortality workshop," where they hope to find their missing friends. However, before they face the horrors of this demented bangashira's operating room, they'll have to get past more of Kagimura's foot soldiers. If Döa has her way, they'll be cutting a bloody path right to Isaku and Manji! Readers will also enjoy a flashback that sheds some light on hotheaded Döa's past, detailing an early encounter with her beloved leader (and Rin's nemesis), Anotsu Kagehisa. This issue will also feature a full-color pinup by rising star Rob Guillory!

General Notes

Ryan Hill provides the colors for the cover.

Nathan Fox and Rob Guillory both contribute a pin-up illustration to the issue which serve as both sides of the back cover, the first featuring Taito and the second featuring Manji (their only credited appearances in the issue). Nathan Fox's pin-up begins a two-part illustration finished in the next issue.

Isaku and Anotsu only appear in flashback in the issue, although Anotsu also serves as the cover feature.







Story Arcs

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