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The story 'Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck' by Don Rosa retconned Blackheart Beagle and Grandpa Beagle into the same person, however later stories have re-retconned this and they seem to be separate characters again. Grandpa Beagle now drawn skinnier and always smoking a pipe. Their relation is unclear.

Blackheart was a river pirate active in the Mississippi River during the 1880s. He captained his own steamboat and led a crew consisting of his three sons. He later moved to Calisota. In "A Little Something Special" (December, 1997), Blackheart operates from modern Duckburg. He convinces the younger Beagle Boys, Flintheart Glomgold and Magica DeSpell to form an alliance against Uncle Scrooge. The plan should work since they are interested in Scrooge for different reasons. The Beagles only want to loot his money, Magica only needs the Number One Dime and Flintheart the prestigious title of the Richest Duck in the World. The alliance proves formidable opponents for Scrooge but falls apart when Scrooge manages to convince Magica of a major flaw in her plan. She wants to use the dime to assume the destiny of the Richest Duck in the World. Not that of a bankrupt businessman. She has motivation to keep him as the Richest Duck. With the alliance falling apart, Scrooge was free to pursue and capture Blackheart. Magica teleported herself and the younger Beagles to Limpopo Valley, South Africa, shifting their attentions to Flintheart's Money Bin.

Blackheart is a ruthless opponent with decent strategic skills. He shows some remarkable fitness for his age, considering he is a generation older than Scrooge. His longevity has never been explained.

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