monkeytoe's Blackhawks #6 - Obsolescence, Part 1: Technical review

Blackhawks - F

This comic is an amazing example as to why this title is being canceled in the coming months. It's slow, inconsistent, and boring.

The Good

I don't have much to say here except that I can hope the bomb that just blew up the Blackhawks base takes the whole team down with them.

The Bad

Where to start! The worst part of this issue is how boring it is. Page after page is littered with a boring press conference to explain the purpose of the Blackhawks, Two good ol' boys hanging out in a bar and reminiscing about the good 'ol, and tours of the Facilities to press and team members alike. In total, 2 punches are thrown on the pages and a few machines are riddled with bullets while the narration skips over what could have been an action packed bar brawl.

1/5 Stars

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