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I got issue 1 for fifty cents and for that price I certainly couldn't complain. It's just good fun, and certainly more enjoyable than expected for a cancelled book, but in hindsight it felt very short and probably not something I would say is worth 3 dollars. But the artwork is excellent, the hair is drawn excellently as are the explosions and fuming smoke/flame, the characters look pretty cool, and for a comic not about superheroes, it's very vibrant! Anyway, there is a ridiculous aspect of the story I couldn't help but notice (and compelled to make a review solely to point it out) ... It is the scene at the end of the comic, where the team leader grimly realizes that a civilian's candid smartphone photo of their team logo (which was on an aircraft) got out on the internet. If they are so top secret that having their conspicuous bright-yellow logo seen is such a bad thing, why would they emblazen their own vehicles with that very logo?! For all I know maybe this is one of those things explained in the next issue but until I read it, what else can I say.


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