harleyquinn12's Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3 - Part 3: A Hint of Daylight review

Love Truly Conquers All!

And so does this book! To start off, I love Greg Rucka, although I never read  any of his Wonder Woman stuff. It sorta reminds me off Gail Simone to an extent. Nicola Scott's art is beautiful as always. And Nei Ruffino's colors were so vibrant! For a rundown, Diana embraces  her new violet ring, as she is soon confronted by Carol Ferris. Carol explains the whole situation and they fly to Coast City. This is just a small touch, but I really like the fact that when they arrive at Coast City, we see all the "good" corps leaders fighting the black lanterns(Saint Walker and Indigo-1, plus Barry Allen). Meanwhile, Wonder Woman is fighting Black Lantern Maxwell Lord, who sorta starts acting like Black Lantern Ted Kord. She fights him, encasing him a crystal. It does'nt stop him so Carol goes to get Hal. Diana is noticed by Mera, now a Red Lantern. She attacks Diana and switching from last issue's escapade She tries to convince Mera to stop acting "loco". They fight, until Mera is surrounded by Coast City's Black Lanterns. She fights them until Wonder Woman steps in, almost calms her down.and Diana has to project one of those emotional tethers to view what both of them have expierienced lately.(or just throughout their lives because I see Mera's son) And Mera begins to speak, which basically ends the issue as Hal and the other lantern corps leaders and deputies come out of hiding.   
Overall, Rucka finishes the mini with a bang, his use of      Carol in the issue was excellent 
He uses her as sort of a mentor to Diana, which I finf humorous cause Diana seems more of the mentor type. 
Scott's art seemed much better than the past two issues even though they were great. She captures those "splash pages" momentsthough they werent splash pages great, especially the time when Diana crashes that Black Lantern's head. She looks so beautiful there! Once again, Nei Ruffino-Amazing!

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