grim's Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2 - Part 2: Black Lantern Wonder Woman review

Better... and worse.

The first issue of BN. Wonder Woman was kind of a let down, and as a result i almost didnt pick this one up. But as i flipped through it to make my final decision, i saw an image that made struck me dumb immediately. I slapped it shut, payed the lady, and hurried home, struggling to purge the image from my mind until i got home. 
 The actual read of this issue is pretty awesome. One of my favorite characters kinda bites the BN bullet in this one (read), and there is a pretty cool ... i guess revelation about who WW is in love with (its always kinda been an underlying idea in JLA/Wonder Woman stories, but as of this issue its at least sorta addressed). 
 I love this issue, but the ending kinda bugs me. Its one of those endings that we as readers have gotten mad about in the past. so read at your own peril. 
 3&a half.


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