eisforextinction's Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2 - Part 2: Black Lantern Wonder Woman review

You had me at the heart ripping

I was a bit disappointed by the first issue in the mini. Rucka seemed to offer only a one dimensional version of a deep character and a story that seemed in the same style as most of the other Blackest Night minis. This issue changes everything. Set during Blackest Night #6 this issue is as much a spotlight on Mera as it Wonder Woman. That's not to say that WW doesn't get her time to shine, SHE DOES, but Mera continues to evolve into a character I care about. A lot happens in this issue that actually seems to play into the story at large. I think it's worth reading if you like Wonder Woman or Aqua-Woman and there are some definite badass lines delivered from both parties. Althought I'm usually a big Nicola Scott fan I thought the art was a little flat but I'm seem to recall she is at her best when working with a wide range of colours not just black and grey. Fills in necessary story.


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    Much as with the first issue of this tie-in miniseries, the tone of the story seems all wrong for a Wonder Woman story, and as an added problem over the first issue the story here is not as strong either.  This follows on the events of Blackest Night #5 as the reanimated Batman corpse has made unwilling though living members out of most of the main justice League members as well as a number of their closest allies.  The first part of this issue deals with Diana attempting to kill Mera, which is ...

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