grim's Blackest Night: The Flash #1 - Part 1 review

great start

You want the Flash? I'll give you the Flash! ...or rather, this book will. Kinda.
 you see, this Blackest Night tie in does a pretty good job of showing you who Barry Allen is. Right off the bat, Barry is multi tasking like only he can, dispatcing of villains and making terrifying discoveries all in relativly no time at all.
 But this story isnt just about the Speedster. The Rouges find out early on that they have a bit of a score to settle with the Black Lanterns too. Lots of dead Rouges means lots of emotional ties for the living ones, and lots of heart chasers for the Flash to outrun.
 Now if you liked the story, but didnt see the ooodles of significant parts littered throughout, you might need to do some back reading before BN:Flash 2. I would suggest Rouges Revenge, Identity Crisis, and maybe Flash rebirth too. 
 I give this story a 4 out of 5 becuase while it's in no way the brunt of the story (just the beginning  im afraid), it does a fantastic job of setting up whats next IF you know what your looking at.
side bar: reverse flash and  his dead self! exciting!


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