themaskedhero's Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #2 - Fly Away; Lost Love; Blume Godhead review

The Eye of the Beholder

Once again, a special review for a special case. Being that this issue is full of several stories, I'm going to review each story as I read them.

  • "The Angel of the Red Lanterns" - The story of Bleez, the most beautiful woman in several sectors. She's royalty in her homeworld and she's been faced with suitor after suitor and turned them all down. I don't blame the suitors, she's a hot girl with angel wings. But today is not her day, the newest suitor is a Sinestro Corps member and he has the right kind of power to take Bleez. But that would be a horrible ending to the story, right? Well, the Sinestro member drops the ball and she gets away, and she just pissed enough to be found by a Red Lantern ring, giving the Corps their fallen angel of rage. It's just a shame she lost that beauty.
  • "Love in it's Purest Form" - I enjoyed this story, there wasn't much to it besides telling us what Carol Ferris means to Hal Jordan's world and possibly what Hal Jordan means to Carol. She resists the Star Sapphires for a long time, stating that she doesn't want to be under their influence anymore. We all knew she'd give in eventually, once the ring shows her Hal's defeat in the present or future. She embraces love and begins to hear love calling. Let the war begin?
  • "Measuring Greed" - I only really like this story because Agent Orange is in it and because it shows how powerful the Orange Lanterns can be, even to a god. The story is of Blume, the God of Hunger and his slow consumption of everything worlds find of value. As far as I'm concerned, this was a weak story. But I guess, as I've said before, Agent Orange is in it, so I'll accept it.

The rest of the issue covers the beginnings of the each Corps in the Spectrum, which was the real reason I picked this issue up. I love absorbing content about the Spectrum. Pick this up, it makes for a good read, though the last story is not the strongest part.
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