razzatazz's Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #2 - Fly Away; Lost Love; Blume Godhead review

Returning things of no value

Again this issue is broken into different stories, each of which looks at a specific corps and its members.  In the first a member of the Red Corps is looked at - Lady Bleez.  This is kind of a creepy story (one aspect of it stops just short of rape) but I thought it was effective in displaying what is a genuine display of emotion regarding a traumatic experience.  Not every person responds to such experiences with their eyes opened to the world, some desire a fiery vengeance.  The second story involving Carol is a lot more straightforward, and is told sort of in more simplistic terms, but it is still interesting enough.  The third story is also a lot more basic as it features a tale of the Orange Corps, which counts only one among its living non-consumed members, but this tale tells how one such member came to be consumed.  Overall not as strong as the first issue, but an interesting look at these characters nonetheless.  


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    Once again, a special review for a special case. Being that this issue is full of several stories, I'm going to review each story as I read them."The Angel of the Red Lanterns" - The story of Bleez, the most beautiful woman in several sectors. She's royalty in her homeworld and she's been faced with suitor after suitor and turned them all down. I don't blame the suitors, she's a hot girl with angel wings. But today is not her day, the newest suitor is a Sinestro Corps member and he has the right...

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