chocolate_lantern's Blackest Night: Superman #1 - A Sleepy Little Town review

Blackest Night Superman #1


Personally I found Blackest Night: Superman #1 to be disappointing. I believe this will be a decent mini series, but I feel it doesn't add much to the Blackest Night series. I believe this series needs to be more like Blackest Night: Batman. In
Blackest Night: Batman #1 we get valuable information about the Black Lanterns from Deadman. And it seems like the Batman series will continue on giving us more information as the 3 part mini series continues. Maybe this is because Batman is "the worlds greatest detective" or maybe its because Tomasi did a better job than Robinson. Looking through this issue, its a simple story, Kal-L rises from the dead, begins attacking people, Lois rises from the dead, and that is pretty much it. The only part that I found interesting was when Superman was fighting Kal-L and felt all aspects of the color spectrum. Fear, Will, Rage, Hope, and Love then struck Kal-L and did a lot of damage. Is this supposed to lead us to believe that only when you combine all of the emotions you can hurt the Black Lanterns? What did every one else think about this issue? I gave it a 2 out of 5. 


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