no_name_'s Blackest Night: Batman #2 - Who Burns Who, Part 2 review

'Blackest Night: Batman' #2 of 3 Reviewed!

 'Blackest Night: Batman' #2 of 3 
Written by: Peter Tomasi
Art by: Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes
I should probably apologize for the delay on the review of this book as I have been a bit under the weather and as a result I've been forced to play a lot of catch-up! I digress, though. This book is great. So great, in fact, that I really wish that it wasn't a mini and was extended to at least five issues! The fact that Tomasi is forced to cram all of that content into a mere three issues may be hindering the story. While it is well organized and the story remains fluid throughout, I feel like a lot of the content is glazed over and that there really isn't a lot of time to delve deeply into any sort of plot or character development. The book is well written, and the art work is really consistent and very good, so it is most certainly worth the purchase! 
If you have been reading the series since 'Battle For The Cowl' then you are probably familiar with the quasi fall-out between Tim Drake (former Robin,) and Dick Grayson (former Nightwing). The cool thing about Tomasi's book is that he draws the parallel in the two characters' similarities and utilizes that to bring them to look beyond their differences and work together. I love Tim, so an appearance from him in this series is a lot of fun. The interaction between Damian and Dick in the beginning should also be noted. Tomasi has a certain flair for depicting a very witty and fun interaction between these two characters, which is nice.
Barbara! Is it me or is 'Babs' making all sorts of appearances in the various 'Batman' books? Have I said yet how much I love it? There is an interesting interaction too between Barbara and Dick, and I wonder whether that relationship wil be touched upon in any of the other issues. What do you guys think? Was it me, or was there something there? 
Deadman is a fantastic character that really isn't used enough in comics, and it seems to me like Tomasi is having a blast writing this character! 
Overall, this is a great issue and I recommend it to anyone who is really interested in the 'Blackest Night' series. It's definitely been a great addition to the overall story!

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