razzatazz's Blackest Night #5 - Blackest Night Part 5 review

Darkest hearts

Not quite up to the same level as its predecessor but this issue is still very strong, though really to be honest, i didn't like it because of what happens at the end, and that is not to say there is anything wrong with the plot.  The issue is mostly taken up with a battle in Coast City against the army of the Black Lantern Corps who is amassing and gaining strength.  This is temporarily stopped by the heroes, especially so when Hal returns with reinforcements but other developments make this short lived as Nekron finds a new source of power to conscript people to his army.  Really if anything this issue ends on a very dark note, not so much in context but really just in tone.  Still an strong issue though pushing the story arc forward.  


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    Sweet Lord! This is how its done! 0

     This is easily one of the greatest single issues DC has ever produced. The sheer awesome of it all is down and out breathtaking.   I see that there are tons of reviews with spoilers already, so i don't need to beat that rug anymore. Just trust that if you like anything about Blackest Night, or the main characters involved, this issue is where the crazy $hit hits the awesome fan! ...

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