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Emotional Tethered Registered. 0

It's been a long time since I felt compelled to re-read an issue as soon as I finish it… I was at the gym on an elliptical while reading this and I think I was creating a scene because I was literally freaking out, throwing my arms up in the air, and talking to myself while reading this issue. It was just THAT GOOD. The meat of it: You should have read Green Lantern #48 before reading this. The seven Lantern Corps have finally united in an effort to neutralize the Black Lantern threat. Believin...

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Review of Blackest Night #5 0

                  Here we are at issue 5 of 8 in the Blackest Night event. From the beginning I felt that the series was balls to the wall crazy with some of the better writing from Geoff Johns and art from Ivan Reis that is, in most cases, wonderfully hideous. At issue 5, though, it’s starting to feel a bit long. Somewhere near the end of the issue I actually started wondering what they were going to do to stretch the story out in order to get those final three books. Given the last page, I...

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There are no words for This!!!!! 0

Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geoff manages to pull out another great issue! Love seeing all the corps together!  Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler     SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.  Black Lantern Batman-I can't believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And the ending just blew me away Still,Larfleeze was pretty funny in this issue-so was Carol Ferris   Black Lantern Jean Loring ties this issue together though Very nice art-so colorful!!!!!!!! Best issue out of the series so far,best art too...

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"You are still connected to me!" 0

"Warning before you read this issue you should definitely read Green Lantern #48" What can I say about this issue that hasn't already been said, it is just pure greatness and will keep you hooked to this series (that is if your one of the few who are not). I truely can't say much about this without spoilers all I have to say is this nay this series is a must read for any comicbook fan. I gave it 5 Black Lantern Batmans out of 5. ...

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Sweet Lord! This is how its done! 0

 This is easily one of the greatest single issues DC has ever produced. The sheer awesome of it all is down and out breathtaking.   I see that there are tons of reviews with spoilers already, so i don't need to beat that rug anymore. Just trust that if you like anything about Blackest Night, or the main characters involved, this issue is where the crazy $hit hits the awesome fan! ...

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.. 0

The middle installments in a series are often where things slow down. You're not at the early, "this is what's going on" stage of your story, and you haven't yet hit the climax. So while it's certainly not always the case, if there's a slow stretch to be found, that's usually where it hangs out. So knowing that "Blackest Night" runs eight issues, I braced myself for a lot of exposition this issue, and sure enough, that's what I found. But just when I had gotten used to that idea... well, things ...

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awesome comic 0

blackest night #5 is a master piece. Geoff Johns is truly an amazing and spectacular writer for DC Comics. He is one of the top writers in DC history. The ending is so shocking to shocking that it shocks all DC fans.people may think that the white light of creation is a no brainer, but its not as simple as you think beacuse the new issue of blackest night alters that therory. Blackest night keeps you on the edge of your seat. the fact that Bruce Wayne comes back as a black lantern. how the atom ...

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BLACKEST NIGHT#5: the saga continues 0

I've really enjoyed the Blackest Night series from the beginning and I followed all the tie-ins and mini-series related to it. Every time I read a Blackest Night book (especially Blackest Night and Green Lantern) I find the saga compelling than before and I'm really looking forward to it. In this issue, we see that Hal Jordan has already reuned a squadron constituted by a member of each corps, SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. (Hal, Carrol Ferris, Sinestro, Atrocitus, Larf...

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BEST issue of the series so far! 0

Spoilers on! Nekron is here, with an army of black lanterns battling the Justice League and the rest of the heroes from the DCU along with the newly united lanterns of the emotional spectrum (see GL#48). This issue is all out action laid out beautifully with some truly awesome splash pages. So many amazing things happen in this one issue; Lanterns are united, Guardians die, and (MAJOR SPOILERS!) a certain undead Bruce Wayne becomes a pawn of Black Hand and Nekron and is used to turn the hero...

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A light at the end of the tunnel....maybe not 0

Once again my thrist for Blackest Night was so great that I couldn't help but get it (and at half price too :) so yeah I still am really enjoying this story and the plot thickens once more in this EPIC chapter. So spoiler click below if you want the spoiler yes I figured it out woot SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. Okay so this starts with the various lantern corps have come together and are ready to bring the fight to the Black Lanterns, I must admit that seeing all of the...

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Darkest hearts 0

Not quite up to the same level as its predecessor but this issue is still very strong, though really to be honest, i didn't like it because of what happens at the end, and that is not to say there is anything wrong with the plot.  The issue is mostly taken up with a battle in Coast City against the army of the Black Lantern Corps who is amassing and gaining strength.  This is temporarily stopped by the heroes, especially so when Hal returns with reinforcements but other developments make this sh...

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