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Well it happened, power levels reached 100%. I have to admit i was shocked when i saw them bring in Nekron. I haven't looked at any of the spoiler images so i had no idea that Johns had this in his pocket (Bravo). 
As always the art of Ivan Reis is exceptional! Panel after panel is poetry for the eyes, filled with blood and rotting corpses ripping hearts out of costumed heroes. I can't stress enough how much i love this art. Page after page is something i've never seen before. Johns shows us that every hero matters, it's just not about superman and wonderwoman. The Flash even goes as far to say that the atom and mera need to act in their stead. Everyone has been upset that Blackest night hasn't been pacing itself correctly but this issue shows that all the waiting was worth it. There are a few character moments that just make a geek like myself swoon. Scarecrow and Lex Luthor are shown briefly and those little things is what makes a story arc like this such an accomplishment. Not to mention the Atom, My lord! I'm corssing my fingers that after the blackest night has passed and the DCU is brought to some sort of balance, the Atom wil be given his own series that follows how he is depicted with in these past few issues. He shrinks himself down and rips out of the dead atomsmasher for crying out loud! Then theres the flash, in thepasthe hasn't ben much of a leader and in teh recent events following his rebirth we see that he is capable of inspiring thos around him to fight. its safe tosay that the next issue we will see what the hereos are trully capable of not to mention what Nekron has instore for the living!

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Posted by sounderoutsider

I'm really amazed at the poor spelling of this poster. Have you never heard of a spell check? Oh and the Atom didn't rip himself out of Atom Smasher. You should check your facts before you post.

Posted by sfizzle

my B homeslice! try not to get your panties in a bunch

Posted by Spectrum

Liked the bit about Scraecrow and Luthor, very true
Posted by sfizzle

who did the atom jump out of? i seriously thought it was atom smasher (im new to the DCU)

Posted by Ultimatum101

I agree with the first poster, you write like a 2 year old. You should really learn to write before you start passing yourself off as some kind of a reviewer/expert. For the record the Current Atom blasted through the Golden Age Atom. If you had bothered to check your facts or I don't know read JSA you'd see that Atom Smasher is still alive and well.

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