razzatazz's Blackest Night #4 - Blackest Night Part 4 review

It makes him who he already is

The action which thus far in the series has needed an introduction to get the reader up to speed, needs no such introduction here and the issue proceeds at a rapid and exciting pace.  With Hal gone all that is left of the Justice League is Barry, Ray and Mera, and the three of them rally to make a plan before things fall completely apart.  Barry appoints Ray and Mera as "Superman and Wonder Woman" for the time being and the two head to New York and to the heart of the action.  This leads to a really great one liner from Ray in response to a question from Mera.  The rest of the issue is taken up with mostly a long drawn out battle, save for the arrival of the ringleader of the whole crisis.  This issue really stands out from the rest thus far in the series (which has been an excellent series) for the strength of its characters and the pace of the action.  


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