dan6433's Blackest Night #1 - Who Will Rise? review

The start of a great comic book blockbuster

I have to admit to not being Geoff Johns' biggest fan. He likes to delve very deeply into the DC universe mythos to the point of tedium and droll fanboy nostalgia. If that's your cup of tea, Johns doesn't disappoint with Blackest Night #1. The first few pages are 100% unadulterated Geoff Johns' uninteresting dialogue and campy, flag-waving, fist-pumping heroics. He also, during his stint with the GL series, seems to have sucked any humanity out of Hal Jordan and turned him into Clark Kent with a power ring.
Just as I start to yawn and immediately regret my purchase of this book, the story does a complete 180. Beautiful artwork, a fantastically emersive plot, and some of the most visceral and heart-breaking comic book moments this year are the highlights of the second half of Blackest Night #1. Just survive Geoff's obligatory boring introductions, and you'll be well on your way to enjoying one of the summer's greatest blockbuster events.

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