obsurity's Blackest Night #1 - Who Will Rise? review

The Fallen will Rise

The story is written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ivan Reis. I've been following Reis career ever since I came across him in Chaos comics Lady Death. It seems like his style hasn't changed through out the years. I'm glad to see that he's a part of a mainstream comicbook character.

Blackest Night is the first of eight, this event has been coming since the Sinestro Corps. In GL #43, shows the rise of the herald of the black lanterns. In Blackest Night, the story starts out with a national holiday where heros remember their fallen comrades.  As the  issue progresses it shows the initial steps that Black Hand is taking to cease the light that plauges him. This issue serves as a great platform where a new reader can come on and pretty much get the concept behind blackest night.

Posted by ComicCrusaders

This is a REAL comic event at it's best. Make mine DC, marvel blows, NUFF SAID

Posted by AirDave817

I'm more excited about this event than any of the other ones that have come before. Maybe that's because it "seems" to have grown naturally and "organically" out of Green Lantern, rather than being a stand-alone that overlaps other titles as tie-ins...  

Posted by Crimson Thunder

This comic was amazing. Johns and Reis did a great job of putting that horror feel into this issue. I loved it.

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    The start of a great comic book blockbuster 0

    I have to admit to not being Geoff Johns' biggest fan. He likes to delve very deeply into the DC universe mythos to the point of tedium and droll fanboy nostalgia. If that's your cup of tea, Johns doesn't disappoint with Blackest Night #1. The first few pages are 100% unadulterated Geoff Johns' uninteresting dialogue and campy, flag-waving, fist-pumping heroics. He also, during his stint with the GL series, seems to have sucked any humanity out of Hal Jordan and turned him into Clark Kent with a...

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    as good as it gets 0

    when blackest night came out, i wasnt going to buy the issue because i thought the whole series would be c.rap. i didnt realise why everyone was hyped up about it. however..after reading it, i understand why there was so much hype before hand and i think this series is going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD !...

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