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The Fallen will Rise 0

The story is written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ivan Reis. I've been following Reis career ever since I came across him in Chaos comics Lady Death. It seems like his style hasn't changed through out the years. I'm glad to see that he's a part of a mainstream comicbook character. Blackest Night is the first of eight, this event has been coming since the Sinestro Corps. In GL #43, shows the rise of the herald of the black lanterns. In Blackest Night, the story starts out with a national holiday w...

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Black as Gold 0

So, there's this thing called Blackest Night. Have you heard of it? It's this little thing. This is the DC Event of the Summer says everyone who seems to love DC. It's a big story and there is a lot of information to get across in the first issue and it's got so many place changes and stories going on that it became a little annoying. It's the anniversary of the Death of Superman and due to the fact that Superman is now alive it's treated as a day to remember the fallen heroes of the past, perfe...

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About as Good as it Gets 0

I really was not interested in the Blackest Night at first. I thought it was going to be a way to bring more dead Heroes back and that was it.  But i got this issue becouse of the last Green Lantern issue.  For starters i was never a fan of Mahnkes work. But somewhere if the last few years he really has gotten very impressive. This issue showcases that very well. He made Elongated man look scarry as hell !!AS long as we are talking about Elongated Man, never liked 'em. But holy S^*T !!   I hope ...

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rise 0

i was never crazy for the idea of all the dead heroes coming back as black lanterns but when i read this it blew me away.first the character interaction was great the barry/hal conversation was amazing.the art was amazing as well.then thers the end where two people [i will not name names] get murderd which shows that the black lanterns arent just taking dead people but the black lanterns are also murdering people to become black lanterns.who knows who will be nextand this series will have the re...

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Blackest Night #1 0

                It’s finally here. I know a lot of people complained about how long the prelude to Blackest Night lasted but I tried to say “Hey! As long as its good comics, who cares?” But you can only tease an event for so long until you have to actually deliver. I can only masturbate for so long before I have to say “OK, its time to ejaculate.” Well, kids, lets just say Geoff Johns delivered and I’m still wiping his literary discharge from my face.                 Everyone who’s anyone knows...

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Blackest Night=emptiest wallet. 0

Damn it why did this have to be such an amazing issue. Green Lantern #43 was okay but I wasn't impressed. This one... wow so much happened but its like the top of the ice berg, there is SOOO much more. So far our mourning heroes have no idea how truly boned they are. i was really surprised how many black rings there are and lanterns there are/will be. Best part: so far it is not complicated, i never got into Final Crisis because every issue and every tie in i did read confused me more and more. ...

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about time! 0

Ever since sinestro corps war we have been hearing about the blackest nightthen when it was released that black lanterns would be basically super powered zombies, that sealed the deal i was in!buuut the wait took it's tole on me, it seems like i've been waiting for this event for a very long time and i wasn't disappointed the scene where the black rings are falling to earth awesomethe scene where the green lanterns come across all the fallen green lanterns, now black lanterns awesomethis whole i...

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Johns Kicks It Off! 0

Here is the event we have all been waiting for since Blackest night #0 and Geoff Johns does not disappoint, especially with art from Ivan Reis.Now the Blackest Night #1 Whets the appitite for more, it is setting this up to be such an all encompassing story that will affect the whole DCU living or dead. The great thing about Johns is that you dont really need the whole backstory he spoon feeds you everything you need to know. so if you are hesitant about picking it up because you arent perticular...

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Blackest Night #1 0

After reading it once, and then another i loved it each time.At first my friend told me it was going to be awesome but i just ignored him thinking it was just another new comic series but boy was i wrong.It had a really nice opening scene awesome mid section with the remembrance scenes etc and then with the closing scenes, with the attack on Oa onto the last page we're just epic.I'm eager for issue 2 can't wait!!...

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Stellar. A Must Read. 0


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Totally Amazing!!!!!!!! 0

This absolutely blew me away! JOhns's story is fantastic,and Ivan Reis's art is spectacular! Seeing Black Lantern Sue Dibny,i was speechless.! I loved the memorial sequence,seeing all the heroes together. I have to say,this did not disapoint me one bit. This issue was fantastic. I  will continue to follow Johns through Blckest Night and through his other projects because this was,just,WOW!...

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The Comic Book Event of the Year Is Finally Here! 0

Well ladies and gentlemen, as I said above, the comic book event of the year has finally arrived.  Before I say anything about the issue, I must inform you I'm a HUGE Green Lantern fan and an even bigger Geoff Johns fan.  Does that mean that I'm a wee bit bias?  Perhaps.  I have never been more excited as I walked into my comic book store the day this issue dropped.  The comic book event I've been waiting two years for had finally arrived.  CELEBRATION. But I digress.  On to the issue review.   ...

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The start of a great comic book blockbuster 0

I have to admit to not being Geoff Johns' biggest fan. He likes to delve very deeply into the DC universe mythos to the point of tedium and droll fanboy nostalgia. If that's your cup of tea, Johns doesn't disappoint with Blackest Night #1. The first few pages are 100% unadulterated Geoff Johns' uninteresting dialogue and campy, flag-waving, fist-pumping heroics. He also, during his stint with the GL series, seems to have sucked any humanity out of Hal Jordan and turned him into Clark Kent with a...

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The Reviews are Right 0

 I am new to this bandwagon. After buying and being burned by the Final Crisis, I have to admit that I was nervous to go with another Company wide mega event. I have ignored Dark Reign over at Marvel, and I was just not that excited, no matter the hype. I figured that since both the Titans and Batman are being dragged into this, and this book itself seems to bthe single most reviewed book in Comicvine history, I would give it a shot.   I am gad I did. This book reads like a very very good horror...

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as good as it gets 0

when blackest night came out, i wasnt going to buy the issue because i thought the whole series would be c.rap. i didnt realise why everyone was hyped up about it. however..after reading it, i understand why there was so much hype before hand and i think this series is going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD !...

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My 1st Blackest Night review 0

Review:    I'm very late with this issue, but I like to move at my own pace without getting hyped over an event with everyone gossiping over and that it would be average if not suck. Fortuntly, this was WAAAYYYYY better than what I expected. This was a great way to start a story that has everyone in the superhero community moarning their loved ones, friends and families that were murdered and those who sacrifice themsleves for the greater good. It was astonding to just see Hal Jordan and Barry A...

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Who Will Rise Indeed? 0

This comic had everything. Good writing, good art good coloring, heck even good inking! This being my first big comic book event Geoff Johns manages to introduce new readers as well as keep old readers entertained by showing what has come to pass. In this book we are introduced to a day dedicated to fallen heroes and are given a glimpse of who has fallen as well as who will rise. There is also an astounding splash page of all the fallen heroes and it's really surprising to see just how many have...

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How many we have lost 0

This issue does exactly what it needs to do, if only without much style in getting there.  The issue is mostly framed through a sequence of vignettes of the fallen heroes, and shows a few in specific.  The more tangible aspects of the plot focus on the Hawks, Batman's grave, The Earth based Green Lanterns and the deterioration of events on Oa.  It is really a confine of the plot that the beginning of the issue is not as exciting as it is setting the scene for all which follows, in this case that...

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When Death Becomes You 0

We all know that events are quick cash-grabs, cheap marketing schemes that attempts to fool new readers into thinking that they have just discovered the holy grail of comics. It's the cheap car salesman who wants to shove all the main package down your throat at once, and then tries to spice up the offer with his little side-benefits. It rarely has the stuff we really want, which is clever storytelling and how intricately intertwines within the continuity of the said universe. In fact, it's actu...

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