Who Makes The Better Black Widow?

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The nominees:

Scarlett Johansson


Or Naomi Pryce? (Chick from the Priceline commercials)




Yes, I'm aware she isn't a nominee but damnit that costume is obvious!

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Shatner's awesomeness should not play a part in your decision.
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I am gonna have to go with Scarlet, although the chick from the priceline commercial does fill out the latex jumpsuit very well.

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Need better cleavage pics to decide.

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only got 3 problems with scarlet 2 of which she has no control over she isnt mature enough she looks too young...im having the same problem with hathaway as selina kyle, they tried waaaaaaay to hard to make her come off as a sexy super agent, and LACK OF AN ACCENT.

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Scarlet takes the cake, specially after that pic War Killer posted.
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Nether of them

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Out of these two:  Naomi Pryce the Priceline chick.
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@War Killer said:
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@DH69: But... Natasha doesn't usually have an accent in the comics.  That's the point of being an undetectable superagent.
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@War Killer said:
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