What I Would Do: Black Widow Series

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Just realized i haven't done one of these in a while so here it goes.
I don't know about you guys but i am a big fan of black widow, to me she is a really interesting character with a lot of potential for some great stories or even just some really fun spy stories. When read Majorie Liu's arc with her that's when i realized what kind of potential she had for some good stories. Liu's story wasn't necessarily groundbreaking but it did have this fun fugitiveesque tale while exploring an aspect of Natasha's character that we didn't know about (it adds some tragedy to her character knowing that her baby died like that). And even when she left the book Duane Swierczynski did a pretty good job simply making a fun spy story with her character so when the book was canceled i felt this was a missed opportunity for her character. Anyway here's my idea for a black widow story if they ever give her another title
Natasha has to infiltrate one of marvel's evil organizations (hammer, hydra, whatever works) after several deep cover shield agents are assassinated. The superhero community can't find the threat on their own so she tries to infiltrate it from the inside to take them down. She'd do this by pretending to go rogue, turning her back on her friends and allies making them all assume that she's become a traitor with only fury or Steve Rodgers (whoever is in charge of shield) knowing her real intentions. From there she would be forced to walk the line between good and bad, doing things that she doesn't want to do in order to maintain her cover while also collecting all the info she needs and manipulating her way into taking them down for good. This would be a great way for us to get into her head and see how she handles all of the difficult situations she finds herself in (i know she's an expert spy at these sort of things but having all your friends think you've gone rogue has got to get to you on some level and i think for her character it would but she'd only convey it in her thoughts and not in her actions or what she says)
Along the way she would have to face off against former friends and allies like daredevil, iron man, war machine and captain america (i could imagine them staging the fight if steve knows her intentions) amongst other people she would have to confront during the series. This would also be the perfect chance for her to get a rogues gallery of sorts going since if she's infiltrating a well known organization then she'd be bound to bump into some villains as well (a widow vs bullseye fight could be pretty interesting)
Anyway that's my thoughts for a black widow series, i could see that overall story going a couple years but that's just me. can't wait to hear what you guys think of it!
(i'll try and do another one sometime next week or later in the week,  it just depends on if i get any ideas)

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