So now that Iron Man 2 is out

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What did everyone think of Scar Jo as Black Widow?
I thought she did better than I expected.  I was upset that there was no Russian accent, but I was happy that they went with the newer interpretation of the character (as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.).  I still don't think she's a good actress, but damn did she look good in that outfit!  She also did pretty well with that action scene, although I'm guessing it was almost 100% stunt doubled.
How does everyone else feel about her?

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why does everyone care so much about the accent? i mean it's an accent, it's not like it's the soul of the character?
I think she did an amazing job, and I for one throw my vote in for her to get a solo movie, and be part of the avengers film.

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Pretty much the same as you. Looked great, but not a lot of reason to be in the movie other than the inevitable recurring nods to s.h.i.e.l.d. and showing that he isn't the only superhero out in the world. Just smoking hot. Definitely missed the Russian accent, but it is probably better they went without it because a) she probably would have butchered it and b) a super spy really shout be able to flawlessly mask their accent. 

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I thought she did a fantastic job. I agree with Caligula she could definitely star in a Black Widow movie.
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It was okay. but if you look at her role in the movie...did she really need to be in it, Widow didn't serve the story at all. Scar Jo was good in it but  ultimately she was the films "eye-candy"

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I thought she was great. At first I thought she was gonna be totally worthless but 1) She had one of the best action scenes in the movie (giving a beatdown that almost put the Watchmen fights to shame) and 2) She looked ridiculously awesome doing it. And there was the SHIELD references and stuff too.
Overall, I'd rather have her be in the movie than not in the movie.

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its no secret im not a fan of her work. but honestly the only thing that ate away at me was the lack of accent. if she spoke just one line in russian i would have been please but what do i get a half assed latin warning

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black widow is supposed to be russian 
thats like making thor not talk all epic
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Didn't she do her own stunts? I remember watching some featurette and she was talking about all this luchador training she did to get that crazy fighting style. I might be wrong though but I think she was awesome in the movie anyway. Solo or in Avengers I'm ready to see her again.

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@KJPPPimp: Yes I also saw that behind the scenes video where she trained for the fighting scenes and all that .

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