Looks Like Emily Blunt Is Off Iron Man 2

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Fox Exec's stealing Black Widow away?
A lot of people seem to want Emily Blunt in the role of Black Widow in "Iron Man 2."  We know that it was questionable whether or not she would be able to do it because of a contract she had with Fox.  With the contract, she is basically forced to be in "Gulliver's Travels."  There was talk that maybe she could do both roles. 

Apparently on E!'s post Oscars show, Jon Favreau said she definitely won't be "Iron Man 2."  He also mentioned that Mickey Rourke hasn't been officially cast but that "he is a fan."  As to who is a fan of who, I'm not exactly sure. 

I still find this whole thing slightly humorous.  Fox is telling Blunt that she has to be in their movie.  She's stated she wants to do "Iron Man 2."  Fox has to know that.  By exercising their option with her, she could end up bitter and give a lackluster performance in "Gulliver's Travels."  I'm not sure what the potential for a sequel to Gulliver is but we know there's an Iron Man 3 and the Avengers movie that Black Widow could potentially appear in.  But as a 'professional' I suppose she'd want to give her best performance, regardless, right?

Favreau didn't mention anyone else (Eliza Dushku or Scarlett Johansson) being in the running.


What's Emily Blunt's take on this?  She was recently interviewed by the Orlando Sentinel and said:
"I'm okay," Blunt says with a sigh. "Because I just have to do this Fox movie, and it's fine and I'm gonna have fun. The whole beginning of the year has been rather dramatic, so I'd just rather go in with fresh eyes and know that I've made the right decision. You just don't know until it's all finished and done with, do you?"

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Ya know don't know which one of those three I'd prefer to see in the black leather, its a tough choice.

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I'll wait and find out

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ahh hollywood gossip, gotta love it

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I just updated this with a comment from Emily Blunt.  Look up.  No, not above you, up this thread.

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Noo Emily!

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