Hot Toys Unveils Black Widow Limited Edition Collectible Figurine

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#51 Posted by canis (35 posts) - - Show Bio

That's a figure? looks so... so real! O.O

#52 Posted by Cavemold (1818 posts) - - Show Bio

It's good

#53 Posted by CellphoneGirl (19002 posts) - - Show Bio

It's so realistic! O_o


#54 Posted by Onemoreposter (4265 posts) - - Show Bio
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#55 Posted by TDK_1997 (16121 posts) - - Show Bio

It looks awesome.

#56 Posted by PowerHerc (86157 posts) - - Show Bio


#57 Posted by Vortex13 (12138 posts) - - Show Bio

I think I'm going to have a dream in the line of that toy soldiers movie, but with these figures. Compared to my regular nightmares it wont be bad but it will probably be weird lol.

#58 Posted by Eyz (3187 posts) - - Show Bio

Woah! Lifelike!

#59 Posted by Deadcool (6919 posts) - - Show Bio

Ok, I find this doll scary, just look at her eyes.

#60 Posted by Psykhophear (295 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow! That is the most realistic action figure I've ever seen. It looks exactly like Scarlett. What a MARVELOUS craftsmanship.

#61 Posted by knighthood (1826 posts) - - Show Bio

The base holds her up by the crotch. LMAO

#62 Posted by Dunners (41 posts) - - Show Bio

love to see scarlett johansson face if she saw that figurine of herself.

#63 Posted by DocFishstick (242 posts) - - Show Bio

wow it looks so real

#64 Posted by LoganRogue24 (1314 posts) - - Show Bio

@BoOMbOoMpOw: i agree i want this figure and the hugh jackman wolverine origins one but there way to much money for me it sucks.

#65 Posted by sunhawk (650 posts) - - Show Bio

holy uncanny valley batman!

#66 Posted by G_Money_Christmas (902 posts) - - Show Bio

How about they make a regular $25.00 figure from Diamond select just like all the other characters instead of a $200.00 figure most people aren't willing to buy... This is ridiculous.

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