Black Widow's arch-enemy

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who is he/she!?

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once upon a time it was iorn man, and sadly since she's never really had any attempt at a solo title it leaves us with very few pickings. the most recent attempt at establishing a rival or arch-anything for her would be the most obvious and annoy Yelena Bolova, BW2. however before that she had had many run ins with Damon Dran, the indestructible man so they say. Also the villaness Snapdragon was retconned into becoming the archenemy  of Diamondback.Thoguh it seems the one that never really goes away are the KGB relics baring some sort of grudge against her for something or another.

oh just remembered there was about a four or five issue run in marvel team-up where Lost her memory and had to regain it with the principle advsary being Viper aka Madame Hydra, which was a rivalry or atl least and enimity that was expanded upon in the daredevil arc the widow prior to the richard K morgan run with the Homecoming mini series.. of all the pairings i can think of this one makes  not only the most since being that Viper is a terrorist whoes mystique rivals black widow's own. there share a marvelous similarity with both there early lives having been affected by the second world war and going on to become the most reconizable femasymbols for both HYDRA and SHIELD who themselves have a history that races itself back with ties to strucker and Fury.

yes this pairing while the history has yet to be completely flushed out beacuse there must be one is the most logical apealing and sexy.

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Maybe Ironman, Yelena Belova and Hydra
as BlackWidowBoy says her histroy never got flushed out, I suppose we would see more of her enemies if she held her own title for a peroid

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Looks like our questions will be answered soon????
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