Black Widow Shadowland

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would anyone be interested in seeing a confrontation between daredevil and the black widow in shadowland  it could be very interesting  they used to partners and lovers what do yall think
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I think it's very strange Natasha hasn't been solicited as appearing in Shadowland.  She is one of Matt's best friends, after all, regardless of who they are both dating, and has always been around when things got tough for him before.  So, if other heroes are going to confront him, it seems like she'd definitely want to get involved.

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thats so true thank you  for your comment
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This is true, DD confronted her when the hero's disapeared after onslaught "killed" the Avengers and she went on her rampage.  Maybe she'll come in at the end to talk him down and bring him back to sanity...if that is truely the case... 
But I think their combined experience of having something taken out of them recently might have something to do with what's going on here.  Anyone else have this happen to them? 

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It would make no sense if she didnt get involved. She's apart of that Shadow-World. Daredevil and Pundisher, and Iorn Fist for that time carried on that Marvel Knights Legacy its like a big-time blowout and its missing its red-headed step-child lol.
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yeah she should get involved in shadow land . But I hope shes on the good side if she appears.

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Natasha wasn't good enough to handle DD before Shadowland.It didn't matter to me that there was no meaningful confrontation...

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i see

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