Black Widow May Not Have an Accent in Iron Man 2

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Ms Johansson was also asked about the Russian origins of Black Widow in Iron Man 2, particularly whether she had an accent. The question of an accent has been raised by fans many times, so it's good to get a definitive answer.

She said: "She's covert, and I think that she blends in, it's not like she comes on to the scene and they're like 'Who's that Russian chick?'"

Clarifying that she didn't have a Russian accent, she added: "No, I think that would be a little bit of a dead giveaway, I don't know how covert you would be [if you had a Russian accent] but I would have [had one] if I had to."      
.. In case you hadn't heard...

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Makes sense.
Be a bit of a crummy spy/undercover agent if you couldn't hide your accent.

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@Sparda said:
"Makes sense.  Be a bit of a crummy spy/undercover agent if you couldn't hide your accent. "
I agree. Plus, she's a actress, I'm sure she'll have an accent in the movie, it's not that hard.
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True... I guess I didnt consider that factor.
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Hopefully the accent will come out if she gets mad or something once its all revealed and obvious. Scarlett would be even hotter than normal with a Russian accent.

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Whatever.  Since she keeps saying she's "covert", I'm assuming/hoping that it will pop up eventually, and she's just not saying anything so that she doesn't give it away.........................................................if it doesn't pop up, I'm not going to be happy. 
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Makes sense, as long as it crops up properly at some point

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yeah, i understand shes covert and all but it has to come out some time. shes not covert from everyone.

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