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 This already looks like the poster for a solo movie, don't you agree?

“Definitely possible… Yes, absolutely.”

So spoke Marvel Studios’ president, Kevin Feige, in answer to a recent question regarding the possibility of a BLACK WIDOW solo movie. Said question was asked at an IRON MAN 2 press conference and, according to Slashfilm, Scarlett Johansson already has it in her contract that she’ll be reprising her role as Natasha Romanova in the AVENGERS movie.  I didn’t realize that, until today, and I think it’d be great if she was part of the team, because an Avengers line-up with only four members ( Cap, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor)always seemed… limited. You’d at least need Ant/ Giant-Man (GiAnt-Man), Wasp or Black Widow. Basically, all the bugs.

Spin-off talks always pop up for these movies. I remember talk of Nightstalkers movie coming out of BLADE TRINITY and, of course, a DEADPOOL movie coming out of WOLVERINE.  Surprisingly, I think ELEKTRA is the only example of this sort of thing actually playing out. The other funny thing is that there actually was a Black Widow solo movie in the works a while back that was to be written and directed by David “ Solid Snake” Hayter. We ran an article a while back about Hayter’s reflections on the experience - - he even named his daughter after the character!

Of all the third string Marvel characters, I’ve always thought Black Widow stood one of the best chances of working as a movie character. She’s similar to Blade in that she’s got enough of a unique gimmick that she can work outside of the context of a superhero universe and she can be broken down into an easy “elevator pitch” that mainstream audiences can understand. That is, she’s like a female Jason Bourne, or a she-spy with a lot more credibility to her girl power.

Do you concur, oh spider-named Comic Vine community?

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia. Pre-order the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover now on Amazon.com.

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I would think a solo movie of her's would be interesting.

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I wouldn't have minded just 4 members in the Avengers. Giant Man and Wasp could've been added in sequels. However, Black Widow should definately be part of the team. 
I dunno if a solo movie could work though.
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As much as i like Scarlett Johansson i don't think she can carry a movie.  I had always felt Jennifer Garner should have been Widow not Elektra.  And i think She could have carried a Widow solo film, IF the script was good.

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If Scarlett is in it, then I'm all for a solo movie. She's kinda pleasing on the eye.

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@ Tom Pinchuck


A female "Jason Bourne" = Oh heck YES!!!

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I will have to see how she is in the movie to see my decision of if I want her in her own movie.
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What's that? Do I want to see Scarlet Johansson run around in that costume some more? 
I believe the better question is: Who do I give $10 to?

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Ugh, has her ongoing been canceled yet?
Terrible character. Horrible Actress. Atrocious Movie idea.

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third string?

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Tuff girl movies always seem to bomb.  this would too.
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at least it's not angelina.

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im game

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There could be potential. They'd need a really good story for her to carry an entire movie.

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One with a real Russian actress, then we would be talking.

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The Avengers movie is starting to shape up to be very Ultmates-like... If that is the plan then I want to see Clint Barton join the ranks... 
Also please don't make her the one who betrays the team (Ultimates-wise) because she would be an intresting addition to the rest of the movies... what I'm wondering is that if Black Widow is getting her Solo Movie, what story should be told?

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WEll i hope she's great in IM2, fi she's only so-so I don't think there's much sense in a Black Widow film.
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what if they were to put spider-man in the avengers, i mean he was a reserve member in the comics, his gimmick is a bug like the other 3 mentioned above, what does anybody else think

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"Menya, comrade."
Translation: "Me like."

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i am so game for it if it happens, maybe it'll turn up around the same time as the deadpool movie now that would be funny

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Too bad Scarlett has yet to prove she can act and hold her own in a film if not pouting and showing off her body.

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@grimreaper1980: would be great, but spider-man movie rights belong to columbia, and avengers belong to paramount
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Tomb Raider, Aeon Flux, Ultraviolet, Resident Evil, Elektra, Catwoman.... I'm all for girl power, but superheroine movies just don't seem to work. Not that the characters are bad or weak, it's just the direction it takes, I guess, more eye candy than storytelling. Which is a shame, especially for Elektra, which is a really good character.
Well, except Kill Bill. Any others?

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wait so there is no deadpool movie coming out?
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Yes! Please make it!

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oh that would be awesome :)
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At first i wasnt too sure about this (another Elektra?) but then i thought about it. This could be really good if Marvel has learned from their past mistakes. No one has done a movie like this before. Women main characters in action movies dont do so well. But comic fans will see it and its coming off of the avengers movie which could pull in more viewers. Plus the woman of my dreams is in it... oh Scarlett... we would make beautiful children. I would see it just because shes in it. 
PS im going to marry her one day.

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I was totally expecting this to happen.

#29 Posted by geraldthesloth (32689 posts) - - Show Bio

Too soon.

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@spacemonkeymafia said:
"at least it's not angelina. "


Or Megan Fox ! XD
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Would be awesome but with another hair style for scarlet :P

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I think it would be fantastic. I'm completely convinced that Scarlett can pull it off after seeing some of the footage of her practising for the fight scenes in Iron Man 2. 
And to the people who think she hasn't proven she can act yet, you've obviously never seen movies like Lost In Translation, Girl With A Pearl Earring or The Prestige. Just like Jennifer Garner, not only does she provide looks and physicality, but also a lot of credibility. So I think the only thing that can screw it up would be a poor script, with a poor supporting cast, and poor direction. Exactly the same things that screwed up Elektra, coincidentally.

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I defiantly could write, film, produce, direct and sound track this one with Scarlet Johansen, including giving you  Scarlet Johansen as Black Widow 1-10 by 2020! Black Widow would be the franchise!    

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@Tom Pinchuk:
Obviously we know what i'd say. 
but Scarlett as widow no for solo i dont believe she could evoke the character complexties that would be nesscary for a solo Widow movie not to bomb. 
Give me the original contracted actress of Emily Blunt and let Scarlett do AVE. While Blunt does the BW. The movie could bomb but then it could be real good. It would take creativity, and abandonment of some fallback characteristics of Bad Girl Movies.  
anyway im not looking foreward to IrnM2. i hope im pleasently suprised.
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I would Make Scarlet exist as Black Widow then evolve, like her kung fu ability! I would take Scarlet to the edge!   
                                                    Black Widow # 1 Fist of Beauty 
                                                    Black Widow # 2 The Russian Connection
                                                    Black Widow # 3 Revenge of the Black Widow
                                                     Black Widow # 4 Enter the Black Widow 
                                                     Black Widow # 5 Game of 
                                                    Black Widow # 6 Game of destruction 2                                                                                                       Black Widow # 7 Lawlessness Killer                                                                                                              Black Widow # 8 Legacy of Ferocity 
                                                    Black Widow # 9 Soldier of fate
                                                  Black Widow # 10 Showdown in little Odessa  
Look I already got ten titles just need ten scripts!
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I think the movie may happen but it depends possibly on the new Angelina Jolie movie "Salt" because typically female driven action movies don't normally preform well in the box office. She would also have to carry the movie and to my knowledge she hasn't done that yet. 

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first twenty five minuets of Black Widow # 1 Fist of Beauty: Romanova as a child in 1941 soviet agent expert martial artist has been enhanced by biotechnology that makes her body resistant to aging and disease,  Petrovitch, the superhero Captain America, and the mutant Logan who would become the superhero Wolverine, rescue her from Nazis on the fictional island principality of Madripoor                                           
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that would be cool

#40 Posted by MikeIsrael (28 posts) - - Show Bio

I am very gung-ho,  wholeheartedly enthusiastic and loyal; eager; zealous, in a successful manner: to work on this project right now!

#41 Posted by Jessica Baby (52 posts) - - Show Bio

this is going to be the greatest!. 
Scar Jo, is a real strong female actress!

#42 Posted by MikeIsrael (28 posts) - - Show Bio

I am still excited, stirred emotionally, agitated, stimulated to activity, eager, enthusiastic  to work on this project right now!

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