A Black Widow Respect Thread

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I know this isn't really a battle. But seeing how the Battles Board is practically the most popular, I figured if I post it here that more people would check it out.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading some Marvel NOW: Punisher: War Zone, specifically where Black Widow and Punisher fought. And while I was reading said issue, it dawned on me that Black Widow doesn't get the respect she deserves. So many street-levelers-without-powers are adored by fans: Batman, Boba Fett, Punisher, etc.

Why? Because they have no powers, yet they can give superhumans a run for their money. That in itself says that such characters have cunning, skill, and guts.

So why is it that Black Widow gets no respect? There is not one Black Widow respect thread in existence. Black Widow: The super-agile Russian spy with a bite (or more specifically, a Widow's Bite) and a pretty face. And most notably, played by Scarlett Johannsson(!!!!!!)!

I ask you: What is there not to love about this character? I may not be the most well-versed guy on Natasha, but I know Black Widow has been a respectful member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers for years, and has faced many threats with them.

So, without a further ado: I call for a Black Widow respect thread! Place feats and scans below, and give some love for the Black Widow!

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Tanks blows from Daredevil:

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I am switching this to her regular forum, as that's where we put the respect threads.

But kudos on this thread! I'll dig through and see what I've got.

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@mercy_:Whatever do you mean?

Daredevil one-shotted Ultron. Is Natasha tanking a shot from Daredevil not impressive?


And like the OP mentioned, she is an invaluable member of the Avengers, bringing to the team a unique set of skills and capabilities.

Healing Nick Fury's eye = reality warper

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@citizenbane: I'm getting flashbacks from that Magneto (?) vs whoever thread...

....you may continue.

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@mercy_: Thank you.

These constant interruptions are very discouraging, you know.

Another thing I like about Black Widow is that even though she's the badass femme fatale super spy, she's also a delicate flower who can't lead the Avengers.


So many layers! How can one character contain them all?

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There are also some moments where she beats up random losers, I guess:

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@mercy_: Ability to shrug off blows directly to the heart.

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This is just kind of eye-rolling & gross. Here are some real feats.

In Black Widow #3, Natasha fights Elektra to a standstill despite undergoing major surgery a few days before:

Black Widow: Homecoming #1— Natasha cripples some dude for fun, I guess, you can see how fast she's moving by the cup dropping from her hand.

Marvel Two-in-One #10— Natasha fights off 100 armed men, alone.

Punisher/Black Widow OGN: Natasha accurately judges & deflects Frank's bullet, then uses the distraction to sneak up on him.

Wolverine #125: Natasha knocks out the Phoenix with one kick, easily handles Psylocke, Viper, Jessica Drew and such.

Daredevil #368-369: Natasha shoots Daredevil. This isn't so much about beating Daredevil, but Natasha's aim is good enough that she can deliberately ricochet a bullet off his rib cage, causing him minimal harm despite shooting him in the chest.

One time she singlehandedly defeated X-Force, I guess:

There's also various feats that show Natasha's perception and her cunning. Two that come to mind are that Natasha was the one Avenger to suspect something was wrong with Jessica Drew before Secret Invasion:

And Natasha was also the first (and only) person to discover the Thunderbolts were really the Masters of Evil.

@fetts, hopefully this helps.

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@antigonist Wow! That's some great stuff there man!

P.S. Happy New Year!

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@antigonist: Awesome stuff! There's a bunch of feats in there that I was unaware of.

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Hopefully we'll see some of these pop up in the latest Battle of the Week.

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I don't have a huge number of Widow scans, but here they are:

In the first one (please read right-to-left, they're in backwards order), DD points out that BW has control over her heartbeat so that he's unable to tell when she's lying. Which says a lot about her physical self-control.

After that, there's a fight with a guy who as I recall is an ex-SHIELD agent. For some reason I don't have all the pages so it's missing a few parts, but this is most of it. When I first read this, I thought she dodged the shot in the beginning. But really what happens is that she runs towards him, from point blank range when he's fully ready to shoot, and dodges so that he doesn't kill her, but she let's him hit her in the shoulder so that she can kick him. The way I read it, she intentionally tanks the bullet. Then she garotes the guy. Then she falls off the multi-story building and gets up and is basically fine. After that she throws a pipe across a street and jumps across.

I think the first part is a pretty decent speed feat--I know all kinds of people dodge bullets in comics, but the way this is drawn and written, it really points out just how fast she has to be to outrun the bullet while it's being fired in order to kick him. It turns an everyday comics occurrence into an actual feat. Then, taking the bullet and falling like that are pretty decent endurance feats. And the jumping across the street while shot and otherwise hurt is also not bad.

And here (also in backward order), these are mostly just to provide some more basic bullet dodging and agility stuff. Clearly she's very agile and graceful.

I'm not arguing that these are at the very top of the line in terms of feats, but they're decent, and it's what I've got. I'm going to see if I can make a few more later today.

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The first half of this thread is amazing.

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A few other scans:

Prep: Natasha randomly happens to wear armored gloves, even as a civilian:

Pain tolerance/body control/durability: Natasha was drugged so she can't talk, but is conscious. Some doctors try to operate on her, doing major abdominal surgery, and she manages to hold still during the whole thing so they don't accidentally cause any damage.

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