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Your name is Nick Crane. You’ve met this beautiful girl, and you’re traveling all over Eastern Europe. It’d be like some crazy romantic comedy, except for… well, the secret government torture rooms. The black hood (that smells like garlic) over your head. The kidnapping, the poison mist, the gunfire, the chase through the bitter cold and the train derailing. And now there’s this crazy guy in a robot suit and some messed-up witch-looking woman coming after you, and the only thing between you and them is that beautiful girl, who calls herself Black Widow… and you know, you kind of think she still may have killed your father. Duane Swierczynski and Manuel Garcia’s new era for the super-spy Avenger known as Black Widow continues here!

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World's Most Lethal Woman, World's Most Lecherous Loser 0

Natasha tries to fend off  her mysterious foe's deadly attacks and her charges clumsily executed sexual advances...  The Good Zack mentioned last month that he wasn't a fan of the capes being included in this seemingly grounded, spy thriller and I agree. Fortunately their time in the issue is short and they exist to provide the world's deadliest woman a fight scene to prove just why she is that. Speaking of action sequences, Garcia's art's been a bit uneven but he really shines when penciling Na...

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Black Widow Kiss & Kill 0

I just read this issue of Black Widow. In this issue, I read this story in which a writer is writing okay, but art is not my taste. I expect this is a very good story and art like other Black Widow issues.Good: This story is fairly good. In my personal opinion, writer has been writing the story somewhere else and ended its unfinished result of this reason in this issue.Bad: Art is not kind of my taste. In my personal opinion, art is ranked 2.Suggestion: I do not think you should read this issue....

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