Black Tarantula Respect Thread

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This guy is awesome. He's like Spiderman, Wolverine and Cyclops al in one.

Powers:In addition to being a highly skilled martial artist, Black Tarantula has demonstrated the following powers: superhuman agility and strength, known limit of 25 tons; nearly bullet proof skin; concussive beams from eyes, require several minutes to restore the charge; and the ability to heal near-fatal injuries in himself and others through touch.

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He beat spiderman with ease.

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Nobody else thinks hes cool.

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this thread was made on my birthday

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pixelized said:
"this thread was made on my birthday"
Happy late Birthday
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yea he's cool! i got him in my fav :)

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I wish we explore him a little more like him being consider a possible recruit during the Civil War or consider him a Foreign Super Power being with unkown ties to America and then they go after him

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brainiac 1.0 said:

He beat spiderman with ease.

And Daredevil.
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Behold the power of Necro Thread. 616 Tarantula has been jobbing lately, but MC2 Black Tarantula has all the power and badassery of his daddy, plus he's got style, panache, and honor. Gotta love a villain who's so in love with his heroine-nemesis that he would surrender rather than be forced to hurt her, just to casually escape custody later.
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And almost two years to the day(close enough) I necro the thread again! Bask in BT's glory!

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