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Black Swan was born a princess on an alternate earth. When her earth was destroyed, she was the lone survivor, and was taken in by the Black Swans.


Black Swan was created by New Avengers writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Steve Epting. She first appeared in New Avengers #1.

Character Evolution

Black Swan first appears as a supporting character in the New Avengers story Memento Mori. Introduced with mysterious motivations, the character's history is slowly revealed during the arc.

Major Story Arcs

New Avengers

Black Swan came to Earth-616 in order to destroy it so that other earths may survive. She is stopped by Black Panther, and he assembles the Illuminati so that they may save their world. Holding Black Swan in a cell, they agree to let her out so that she can tell them what they need to do to save the world.

Powers and Abilities

Black Swan possesses the ability to speak in multiple languages, including some of Earth's oldest dialects. She has access to incredible technology. The full nature of her abilities and powers otherwise remain undefined.

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