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In "Supernatural: Origins" issue #1, John Winchester had left Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester in the care of Mary Winchester's best friend Julie while he went to seek advice from Missouri Mosley. Missouri conducts a ritual and sees that the boys are in danger. They flee to Julie's house where there they find her dead but luckily the boys are fine. Missouri pulls the fang of the creature from Julie's body. She gives it to John and states that it belongs to the thing that killed his wife.

John takes the fang to a man posing as a friend of Missouri named Fletcher Gable. This imposter explains that "shuck" comes from the "scucco," an Anglian legend several hundred years old. He says that the creature is basically an over-grown Hellhound.

The Fang of the Black Shuck is slightly blue in color, possibly gray. It is carved with magical sigils and curved. Matching sigils are found on a mausoleum entrance.

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