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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

The original Black Ranger was Zack Taylor. He later passed his powers to Adam Park.

The Black Ranger commanded the Mastodon Dinozord. During the movie he control the Ninja Frog zord and later gained the Lion Thunderzord. The Black Ranger wielded the Blade Blaster and the Power Ax. The Power Ax could also turn into a powerful blaster.

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

Alien Ranger

Only lasting 10 episodes, Corcus (Alien Black Ranger) was portrayed by Alan Palmer. Corcus was an Aquitian who was the quietest of the group but was also lethal. He controlled the Black Battle Borg and the Black Shogunzord.

Power Rangers Turbo

Phantom Ranger

Not a lot is known of the Phantom Ranger (Special Black Ranger) beside he comes from another planet. Voiced by Alex Dodd, Phantom Ranger proved himself to be a ally to the Turbo Rangers. During a battle with General Havoc, the Turbo Rangers had lost their Turbozords to him. However, with assistants with the Phantom Ranger, the Turbo Rangers gained the Rescuezords. Later Divatox had kidnapped the Phantom Ranger taking his power ruby from him. The Rangers later Rescue him and return his ruby to him. Afterward the Phantom Ranger left Earth in trusting the Turbo Rangers.

Power Rangers in Space

Black Space Ranger

After the the Divatox Crisis and Zordon being captured, former Green Turbo Ranger, Carlos (portrayed by Roger Velasco), has taken the spot as Black Space Ranger. As Black Space Ranger, Carlos' weapons were Astro Morpher, Astro Blaster, Quardo Blaster, and his signature weapon the Lunar Lance. He also controlled the Black Galaxy Glider, Astro Megazord, and his own Mega Vehicle the Shuttle Voyager (or Mega V2)

Psycho Black Ranger

During power ranger in space Astronema created the psycho rangers too drain the power of dark specter so she could take over as monarch of evil. Each psych ranger was obsessed with defeating the ranger of there cooler and each used a weapon similar to there ranger. They were defeated but latter came back with the use of a digitizer and were digitized into cards at the end of that episode. They would latter return in power ranger lost galaxy as the reason for the first ranger team crossover episode.

Black Psycho Ranger

Psycho black used a 2 pronged spire and was a rock like monster in his true form. When the psychos returned in lost galaxy rather then target the magna defender (the closest thing lost galaxy had to a black ranger) he targeted the green ranger..

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Magna Defender

Special Black Ranger Mike Corbett (portrayed by Russell Lawrence), was the older brother to Red Galaxy Ranger Leo. Mike was suppose to be the original Red Galaxy Ranger but after the split on the ground on planet Mirinoi, he passed on the red quaser saber to Leo. Believed to be dead, Mike discovered the Magna Defender Spirit and was able to make it out alive. The spirit later left him granting him the abilities of the Magna Defender. As the Magna Defender, Mike possessed the Magna Defender Morpher and his signature Magna Blaster. He also controlled the Torozord and the Defender Torozord.

Power Rangers Wild Force

Black Bison Ranger

Black Bison Ranger Danny Delgado (portrayed by Jack Guzman) was the forth ranger to be recruited by Princess Shayla. He was a florist prior being recruited. The Black Bison Ranger was able to control the Growl Phone, Crystal Sabre, Rhino Shooter, and his signature Bison Axe. With Danny's Animal Crystals he could use the Armadillozord, Rhinozord, and the Zebrazord. His standard zord was the Black Bisonzord.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Black Dino Ranger

Former White and Green Mighty Morphin Ranger along with former Red Zeo Ranger and Red Turbo Ranger, Tommy Oliver (portrayed by Jason David Frank) had became a Paleontologist in search of Dino Gems that powered the rangers. When the Conner, Ethan, and Kara discovered his liar he granted them the powers of the Red, Blue, and Yellow Dino Ranger Gems. Tommy was still in search of the Black Dino Gem. Once discovered, Tommy joined the team as the Black Dino Ranger. With his gem Tommy is gifted with powers of invisibility. As the Black Dino Ranger, Tommy can use Brachio Morpher, Z-Rex Blaster, go into Super Dino Mode, Raptor Rider, Dino ATV, and his signature Brachio Staff. Tommy's zord was the Brachiozord that served as a carrier to all the zords.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Black Overdrive Ranger

Will Aston (portrayed by Samuell Benta) was professional theft before he was recruited to be the Black Overdrive Ranger by Red Overdrive's father Andrew Hartford. Originally Will always worked alone but later accepted having a team. As the Black Overdrive Ranger, will was granted enhanced hearing and sight. Some of the tools the Black Overdrive Ranger used were the Overdrive Tracker Morpher, Control Console Driver, Drive Defender, Personal Civilian ATV, HoverTek Cycle, and the signature Drive Slammer. Will's zords were the Drive Carrier, Crane Driver, and the signature Speed Driverzord.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Bat Spirit Ranger

From the spirit of Master Swoop (Oliver Driver), Blue Jungle Ranger Theo could gain control of this spirit once he could control the Jungle Fan. The Special Bat Spirit Ranger weapon was the Jungle Fans and zord was the Batzord.

Power Rangers RPM

Ranger Operator Series Black

The once Venjix cyborg that escaped, Dillon (portrayed by Daniel Ewing) was loose with no memory of his past until he picked up Ziggy outside Corinth and was later recruited by the RPM Rangers. It was only natural that Dr. K gave him the Ranger Operator Series Black suit. With the suit, Dillon was given the ability of a 5 second force field shield that went along with his cyborgnetic strength. As the Ranger Operator Series Black, Dillon can use the Engine Cell Key, Rev Morpher, Nitro Blaster, RPM Enforcer, Turbo Plasma Launcher, Project GO- ONGER, his personal muscle car, and his signature weapon the Rocket Blaster. Using different Engine Cells, Dillon's zords were the Crocodile Carrierzord and the signature Wolf Crusierzord.

Power Rangers Megaforce

Black Megaforce Ranger

Jake Holling is a funny wise-cracking individual who enjoys a good laugh and at times showing off his skills of soccer and fighting to impress his friends, especially Gia whom he has a crush on. He becomes the Black Megaforce Ranger, chosen by Earth's ancient guardian Gosei due to his fearlessness on the battlefield. Jake wields the Mega Blaster and his mighty but rather heavy Snake Axe into battle. In Ultra Megaforce mode he wields the Ultra Sword and commands the Gosei Snake Mechazord and Land Brothers Zords.

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