Why not Wolverine? (SPOILERS)

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What does Black Panther have against Wolverine? After his marriage was annuled why does he not want Storm to got out with Wolverine in particular?

What do you think about Storm and Logan hooking up?


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Well in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, T'challa though he was rude and said he smelled of cheap cigars and beef jerkey. than there's also the fact that every womn Logan loves dies horribly.

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its true about logan's women either they die or turn into villians . silverfox, mariko yashida, istu, jean grey, rose.

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He also doesn't seem to have limits. Like when he tried to bang MJ that time he and Spidey switched brains.

...But then, that was Ultimate. Logan's an asshole in Ultimate. Not a grumpy yet lovable badass like he (usually) is in 616.

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why do you have 3 of these threads

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I think T'Challa is worried Logan will get her killed...because he gets women killed. I'd like it to be because he still loves her...and he does but this seems out of just caring about her well being than anything else.

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As to what I think of it: I think it's interesting the writers are finally taking a couple that's long been implied and actually going somewhere with it. Like Superman and Wonder Woman.

On the flipside, it also supports the theory I've heard that comics are rapidly devolving into bad fanfics.

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I hope Logan doesn't. I hope some stupid writing doesn't think that's a good idea and story.

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