Weigh in on the King's Changes.

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Ok, so i've been following the storyline, and this is the place that's best kept up with all th new changes to our favorite Marvel King.  An also find answers to some of our questions. From his new modified look (is it also vibranium fibers?) To the magical tats he now sports. Figured it'd be a good idea to start a thread where a few of the answer's are. 

Those are some of my favorite shots of the New look he's sporting, as well as give some insight to his new abilities. If anyone has any other's to add, like just how far that resistance goes, or a shot of him making the deal responsible for his enhanced new abilities. 
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I was wondering about that when I was reading Doomwar too. I've not really read many books with T'Challa in so was a little confused myself

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This looks pretty badass. If Shuri is gonna be Black Panther this seems like a good place for T'Challa to go. Kinda like Steve Rogers in the Heroic Age. They so gotta meet and discuss things. So is this just going on in Doomwar or in Black Panther too, I haven't been reading BP in a while.

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