The Original Black Panther

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Did you know that back in 1941, Stars and Stripes Comics #3 introduced
a comic book character that appeared only once in this comic title, as well
as the whole line of Centaur Publishing comics, called The Black Panther
before Marvel Comics created their own character who's also called Black Panther?

If you havn't, then I'll give you guys and gals the cliff notes on this obscure character.

We wouldn't know anything about this guy's family, friends, real name, etc. just by
reading this third issue of Stars and Stripes Comics (or by getting info of S&SC #3 on the 'web), but
what we do know about this guy, besides what's most obvious about this obscure character,
is that he has two paws with built-in claws, a long tail attached to his costume
and a knife that he can attach (and reattach) to his belt.

So then, what do you guys and gals think about Centaur Publishing's Black Panther?

Would this obscure hero get another shot at being a comic book character success sooner or later?

Would this obscure hero become popular in today's comicdom market?

Would this character had been popular if the TPTB at Marvel owned him
and this guy appeared in Fantastic Four #52 instead of creating The Black
Panther we have now for that issue and the next one?

And most importantly, if anyone here done a comic book series about this
character (if y'all were given the rights to do so) what would you do to this obscure character?    

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Any pics of said character? 
NVM found em. He looks real fruity.  


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If they had the rights they could sue Marvel O_o

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Marvel own the rights to that Black Panther here in this. 
Anyway, one possibility, in this scenario, is that this Black Panther character would've
met the Fantastic Four while they are investigating a strange phenomenon
in a country called Wakanda (which would probably not be the same Wakanda
we already know today). The F4 would come across the Black Panther and
they would've chase him into some traps prepared to contained them (or
something) until Johnny Storm's friend, Wyatt Wingfoot, saved the F4 and
surrounded the Black Panther. The Panther ceases his attack and promising
them an explaination on who he is, what's he doing here and other stuff he might
explain to them, I guess. And this just takes place in the first part of this story in
FF #52.

In the second part of this storyline (FF #53), Marvel might've created this origin for BP.
He would've been a scientist who invented a special metal from a meteorite
that crashed here in the african country called Wakanda while he was
exploring the habitant of the Wakandan jungle. He found the small meteorite
and use it to make a special metal from it. But, unfounately, his colleague,
Professor Ulysses Klaw, called some thugs (who were under his employ)
knock-out the scientist and stole the meteorite and metal for their own possesses.
Fortunately, they didn't steal all the special metal the scientist had, which
he now dubs as Vibranium, and he uses the metal to make some weapons
and gadgets to stop the guys who stole the meteorite and some of the Vibranium
with them. Donning an outlandish (to us) outfit, this individual strike out in
the night to stop the evildoers he'd encountered as The Black Panther!

BP told his origin story to the F4 and Wyatt and the one of the Fantastic Four
(or BP) decided that if they work together they can defeat Klaw and his gang.

The F4 and BP meet up with Klaw and his bunch and fought against them.
During the battle, Klaw fought BP, but lost. Although, that wouldn't last because
Klaw soon evolved into a being of sound. Klaw, with a monster he've
created, battle the F4 and the Panther, but with the combined forces
of the F4 & BP, Klaw and his monster were defeated. BP thanked
the Four for their help and the F4 & BP parted ways as allies by the
second part of this story.     
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Nope, I like the on we have gotten know better. Costume is way better.

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If Marvel adapted him (via their Malibu copyright), I would have preferred them making him Felicia Hardy's paternal grandfather! You know; he stole military secrets from the Nazis, during WWII. So, his son (Felicia's dad) followed in his footsteps. But, strictly for personal gain. Yada-yada-yada.

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