The African Batman?

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I don't know much about BP but I was wondering if the way he operated, was kinda like Batman? Like does he hit the streets and stop crime in the way classic Batman would? And also, does he carry gadgets like  Batman? Thanks.

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No BP is more in the open,, people know who he is under his mask, he kills and has abilities that a normal human can not. They do have similarities they both wear black, both are rich with a lot of tech, both are geniuses, and both are respected heroes. Batman does not have a family Bp does though. I think they would make a pretty awesome team.

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just in case Dark hu........the mods are watching im going to calmly state that he is not
#4 Posted by FunnyStuff707 (193 posts) - - Show Bio

They look similar, but they're very different characters.

#5 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82980 posts) - - Show Bio

On the surface one could make a case for their similarities. Their costumes arent mirror images but there are some subtle similarities. They both use gadgets, intelligence, and martial arts. And both are street level. But underneath the costumes T'Challa and Bruce Wayne couldn't be more different. T'Challa is closer to Namor in presence. He carries himself regally and unlike Batman, who's real life is pretty much a cover for his costumed identity, T'Challa is (or was) the ruler of one of the most advanced nations in the Marvel U.

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different characters although they share some common attributes. batman puts more emphasis on gadgets while bp prefers to use h2h whenever he can.

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