T'Challa can eat a dick

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Not to be vulgar, but seriously this character has been completely destroyed. Perhaps the worst super genius ever written. He talks smack to Doom and then destroys his countries ONLY exportable resource. Now he runs away from said country to do what exactly? Take over for Daredevil? Someone please fire the writers and editors at Marvel who keep taking such a simple character concept and adding such blatantly asinine twists and turns as to make the character useless and inconceivably even more unrealistic in an already unrealistic world.  
And really, Deadpool? He took Deadpool to fight Doctor Doom? I honestly wish Marvel had gone completely bankrupt and lost the rights to their properties.. They really don't deserve them anymore.

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I think you mean the writers should...erm...ingest a phalice. They are the ones responsible for the poor stories and out of character behavior. I realize you stated this in your post. Your topic, however, makes it seem as if you have something against Black Panther in general.

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