Storm and Black Panther to join new Avengers team?

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I've just found out that Storm and The Black Panther are to join the new Avengers lineup. Given that they are King and Queen of Wakanda, isn't this a pretty risky proposition- what if one or God forbid, both, are killed in the line of duty- as is possible( the life of a superhero is pretty dangerous at the best of times as the late Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, found out this year), wouldn't this lead their nation virtually rudderless? And what if Storm falls pregnant?


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where did you find that out ?

#3 Posted by Charmix (11838 posts) - - Show Bio

It was in one of the Avenger's Solict I think... about her joining the team.

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Storm already joined, but T'Challa refused. Both happened in Avengers # 19.
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I think he will join eventually. With series being caned, and him being on a Avengers cover I don't think marvel going to side line one of their best heroes. When Storm leaves that's when they would do it. I hope not cause they really need to spend some time together.

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Putting both of them on one team is a waste of space.

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I think he'll occasionally show up since his wife is on the team but she'll have to tell him that she can take care of herself. T'Challa should head to Avengers Academy, he was a school teacher at one point.

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Current T'Challa has been toned down quite a bit. At this point, T'Challa doesn't deserve to join any Avengers team, not until he gets his enhanced abilities back. Whether that be from the heart shaped herb or the deities that he worshiped during Doomwar, just make it happen. Plus he needs to salvage what's left of the vibranium in Wakanda and weave it into his daily arsenal; it's about time he stop visiting the local hardware store in Hell's Kitchen to purchase items in order to fight crime.

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panther and storm need to get a divorce they have no chemistry.

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@Mega_spidey01 said:

panther and storm need to get a divorce they have no chemistry.

I agree

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I don't I can't see Storm with anyone other then him.

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@Dernman said:

I don't I can't see Storm with anyone other then him.


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