some of Spider-Man villains fit more The Black Panther

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Africa is home to scorpions, rhinos and vultures. Don't u think those 3 Spider-Man villains would serve better as The Black Panther's enemies rather than Spidey's? After all, those animals don't even live in cities and would fit better in Africa where Black Panther rules. And now that i think about it, why not add Kraven the hunter too? Do u know any spider hunters? I don't, panthers however are hunted for their fur. I would even think about making him Black Panther's archenemy as he would seek to hunt him all the time. don't u think it all makes sense?

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Panther has had some pretty epic battles with members of the Kravinov family, almost enough so that I'd consider T'Challa to be Kraven's second choice in terms of chief enemies.

Although I wouldn't mind seeing Panther go up against some of those other guys mentioned, they are probably better off staying Spidey-foes. The old JMS Morlun storyline really sold me on their appropriateness as foes for Mr. Parker.

It might be neat to see some new villains playing with the imagery of those animals, villains based in or around Wakanda. If they did do that, though, I'd hope they did it sparingly. Too many animal-based enemies for an African super-hero might start looking like a lazy stereotype. A few would be OK, though, I would think.

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Never thought about that but your totally right!

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I totally agree although it's way too late to make it happen as you would have to relocate the current villains to africa or reinvent the characters origins alltogether...

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