Man Without fear writer: David Liss Interview!

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David Liss
Black Panther: Man Without Fear
It’s no secret that I’m a huge Black Panther fan! While some wander in and out of T’challas life Ive been a cash tossing middle ground holder for over 20 years, I buy everything that has the black Panther in it! Love it or hate it! Now granted T’challa has moved on from Wakanda and taken up shop, no pun intended, in Hell’s Kitchen I was wary. But potential is rich in the soil of this premise and the seeds scattered by David Liss are bound to bear interesting fruit with a shade of everyone’s favorite “Priest action”. The opening arc is through and now I get to but heads with the new man at the helm of T’challa‘s tales David Liss. Enjoy!
Read the exclusive Interview here
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That was kind of all right. He says he has an issue with how Wakanda has been rendered. I wonder if he will go that far.

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@Osiris1428: I'm not sure If I want him to touch Wakanda will make a move back to wakanda...which is inevitable......much easier for man without fear to be a nice separate tale/adventure
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Yeah, but Black Panther is going to go by the moniker "Most Dangerous Man Alive." I see him more dangerous with his powers than without. WAKANDA!

#4 Posted by Ryonslaught (1214 posts) - - Show Bio
@Osiris1428: Well considering he's both de-powered and has no wakanda to return to I think it ironic he'll now be called "most dangerous man alive" lol
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@Ryonslaught: That never stopped batman. Well batman still has his toys and such. So i guess i don't have a very good argument then lol, but he still considered the most dangerous man alive by many in DC. I can see the panther going the same route.
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@LightningTiger2190: Well I'm fairly impressed with how Liss is handling T'challa so I'll stick around to see if he can move T'challa fully into being the "batman of marvel" without the etch of Wakanda or super powers.
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@Ryonslaught: I would eventually like to see him get his Doom War powers back. Maybe it could be something like the his whole ordeal in Hell's Kitchen proved to the panther god he is truly worth of the black panther title and restores to him those enhanced levels of power. He would probably be at Spider-man level of strength which would wouldn't really take away from the street level tone he has going on. It would be interesting to see a stronger, faster, more agile , and more aware of his surroundings Black panther making the concrete jungle his playground. I would like him to be drawn in a similar tone to how dick moves as nightwing/batman. It would be a real treat for me.
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@LightningTiger2190: Unfortunately the Panther god is dead so she's out of the picture for now :(  and his powers were not from her during doomwar those were simply magical enhancements from Zawavari. His power could return by simply ingesting the heart shaped hearb again though not to the degree he had in Doomwar.
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@Ryonslaught: Oh ok i see. I'm still learning about Black panther so I missed a few details. I wish i had better access to comics and not have to go to Wiki's and read . However, I was under the impression that the fruit only enhanced his senses or did they also give him the super human strength ,speed, agility? Didn't he have a healing factor as well at one point?
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@LightningTiger2190: The heart shaped herb enhances everything ;)

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