His holy armor

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how strong is his holy armor? i know its strong just because he wears it when hes going to fight big battles but what kind of feats has it accomplished?

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@imblackjames: He's only worn it twice. The first time he wore it, he was in New Orleans with Blade, Luke Cage, and Brother Voodoo. But, he didn't do much with it. The second time he wore it, he was in battle with Killmonger. As far as any feats it has, my guess is that it just grants added protection. But, Killmonger had a buzzsaw housed in his gauntlet, and was able to damage the armor with it. I want to say that the Holy Armor is made from Vibranium, but after the way Killmonger damaged it, I'm not so sure....
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@Static Shock:
thanks i appreciate the answer!! honestly before i even wrote the question i was going to PM you and ask you the question....just sayin i think its funny that out of everyone your the one who answered lol thanks again

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