Black Panther TV series?

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I know I am a little late to this series, but I just watched the first 5, and really liked them.
Couple quick questions, I have never been much of a Panther Fan, but this show is pretty good.  I like the inclusion of so many different people within this show(Cap, Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Claw, Radioactive Man, Deathlock??, Juggs, Black Knight, and a couple others)
1)  Is this a representation of any of his recent appearances?  I realize now he is doing some Man without fear/American Panther thing, but before that maybe, or in alternate story lines like ultimate or something like that.  I would like to actually read some of his comics, but not sure where to start or what to look for.
2)  Also wonder how actual Black Panther fans how did you feel about this show?  I know as a X-Men fan I am usually critical of anything X-related because of my love/knowledge of the characters, I including the X-Men's appearance in this series.
3)  Are they planning on continuing this series or was it just the 6 episodes.
4)  Are there any other shows like this, a friend told me to check out Astonishing X-Men which is very similar.  I used to thing this type of animation was terrible, but for some reason I am really liking it.

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This series was a motion comic of the first couple of issues of Hudlin's take over of Black Panther's comics. A story arc called "Who Is The Black Panther?"

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Cool I will have to check out that, I do not know much about Panther, other than bits I saw in old Avengers comics and a couple Civil War tie ins, but I liked it bout to watch the 6th episode right now.

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So is this actually a direct motion comic or are scenes added to this to make it more in depth? The reason I ask, is because it's rather long. 1 hour and 30 something minutes

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