Black Panther Series Reboot!!!

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With The Black Panther Series coming to an end it might just be the right time to start over! With so many titles having reboots, regenesis and rebirths, It wouldn't be a bad idea at all!

Here's how I would go about it...

If I was writing his title I would temporarily end the Panther Cult in Wakanda and start the miniseries with the choice of a new one ( Lion, White Gorilla, Crocodile) Bast the panther Goddess showed up when Vibranium did and should leave with it now that there's no more! Have Shuri become the avatar of the chosen God so there's only one Black Panther.

This would force T'Challa and Storm to return home and when they would get there they would find the new Shuri with Chronok (her love interest) by her side. It would be explained that his futuristic technology is what has been keeping Wakanda's economy alive...

I would also reintroduce the Wakandan Secret Police to help facilitate her reign. After losing vibranium, Wakanda must be in chaos! Shuri is the kind of character that would sanction one.

When T'Challa and Storm find out about all this they are forced to reclaim the throne from Shuri Chronok who proves to be more resourceful than expected. Once they would have him cornered and go in for the final blow Shuri would die sacrificing herself to save her lover. It would be the perfect kind of tragedy to turn Chronok against the avengers and into a similar version to the one most people are (not) familiar with lol.

Chronok disappears and T'Challa is king once more. His and Storms first actions as rulers is to abolish the monarchy and establish a democracy in Wakanda (which won't last too long). This is where issue one of the new "Black Panther & Storm" ongoing would pick up!

Read it here:

So what are your thoughts... Do you think this is a good way to get the Black Panther back to ground zero?

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awesome, i like the concept.

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How about... 
T'challa challenges his sister for the title which she never won by fighting in the first place. 

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@flexhectic: This whole thing is the "why" leading up to that fight. Also defeating the Black Panther doesn't make you the next one... It makes you ruler of the nation! For example: Man-Ape

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Interesting I would give it a chance

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I would read it because I'm bonkers for Black Panther comics, but I don't really see anything in that idea that would bring in the readers who have been ignoring and taking a pass on every Black Panther series for decades. They'd take a pass on this one as well and it would be cancelled as fast or faster than the one we are losing now. Like I said before, though, I'd read it.

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Did you change that opening post? That idea of yours sounds much cooler to me than my last post would have indicated.

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@Hatutzeraze: Not really lol the democracy thing I added so it could work with my friend's stories but nothing else changed. You should really check out the link if u haven't yet... He writes some of the best Black Panther stories I've read anywhere!

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