Black Panther in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3??

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do you think they should put him in the game, does he even have a chance? 
 I would love it  Ironman, Captain America, and BP as one team showing noobs you don't need powers when you have technology, martial arts, bad assery, and cash.

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@Leegar88: Dat would b fabulistic.
Here r sum of our suggestions about wat BP's gameplay could b in battles:
 BP so far has or has had d following:

Energy daggers
Spear of Bashenga
"Science and sorcery" based martial arts(from Doomwar)
Vibranium Soled boots
Vibranium weaved suit
Anti-metal claws
Kimoyo card
Ebony blade
Shadow particles from d shadow physix in Doomwar
Nowhere room
The Panther God
Light armor
Thrice blessed armor


1) Energy daggers: These could b b of different types with each having specific use or effect distinguished by colour used in a blend of mani culo and african stick fighting styles. Dey can boh b hand held 4 close range attacks(blue coloured daggers) in hand-2-hand combat including close-contact combos and thrown 4 long range attacks(purple coloured daggers like in d cartoon) @ far away opponents both on d ground and in d air.

D daggers could have d appearance of 'smoking' light. D specific effect of each energy dagger could b concussive blasts, light bombs 4 temporary blindness, firey explosive impact or used 2 block other energy-based attacked thrown at him such as a hoduken blast from Ryu or Ken where BP can throw an energy dagger at it 2 dissipate it in mid-flight.

BP doesnt need 2 constantly hold d daggers but can b accessible by d player and perhaps d player can acquire nore of d other types of weapons and/or energy daggers after a specified more of wins so @ d very starter a player may have access 2 only a single pair of basic energy blades

2) Spear of Bashenga:
Well, we would prefer it 2 b a double-ended spear with spear-heads @ both ends of d staff. May b it can b used 2 deflect and re-direct attacks bak 2 d opponent as well as even hurled like as sum kinda 'harpoon' attack which takes a good chunk of d opponents life-bar however we thoght dat d spear can only b used a specific number of times within a match perhap a max of 3 times.

3) Vibranim soled boots/VSB:
These can b used 2 carry-out special-moves dat involve very powerful kicks kind of like d chinese streetfighter xcter(we believehis name is Fei Lung) when his legs r on-fire(literally not d socio-culural implication of koolness.....but it is kool non-d-less) doing d special kick combos thogh we r not ryin 2 say dat BP's feet should b on fire but could use d vibranium soled boots in special and/or super kick combos in a similar manner.

D VSB's could also b used 2 enable BP 2 run-up d sides of d screen(probably even across d 'ceiling') in an attempt 2 reach opponents in air or dodge a massive uber-attack sequence and perhaps used 2 move 'behind' or 'around'(MvC3 isnt exactly a 3D game) a ground opponent. 2 do dis completely perhaps d playa would have 2 charge a certain bar so dat BP can run-up 1 side of d screen den across d 'ceiling' & down d other side of d screen whereever d playa should b able 2 jump-off in mid-run may b in2 a flying kick or air-combo or slash manuver against a flying opponent in mid-air as well as on ground or dodging a ground-2-air attack.

4) Vibranium weaved suit:
Dis could b turned-on 2 amplify a block against uber-powerful special moves capable of massive life drainage but its use 4 block-amplification can also b limited 2 about a max of 3(d reason we suggestion such restrictions on such moves is 2 compell playas 2 strategise their matches).

May b d suit can also vibrate when in close contact with d opponent which either propels d opponent away from BP/Tchalla or gives d opponent temporary vibratory 'shock'. When in vibration d opponet would not b able 2 make any fizical assaults(punches, kicks, head-butts, grapples) otherwise risk d vibratory shock however power-based special moves can affect BP in dis state.

5) Kimoyo Card:
It could b used 2 call-in massive bombardment from Wakanda's air forces or any1 of his hidden orbital space shuttles, afterall BP/Tchalla is a king so he has absolute command and access 2 such stuff unlike any and all d other xcters.

We also think dat d Kimoyo card should have sum kinda 'reverse code sequence' which temporarily disables robotix/machines such as d Sentinel.

6) Anti-metal claws:
should b a basic component of d BP gear similar 2 Wolverine & x-23 which can b used 4 hak'n'slash in combination with punches, kicks, head-butts, elbowing, etc perhaps even more when doing special combos.

But how can dis b used more differently dan Wolverine & x-23?

7) The Panther God: We would really like 2 c big ol'PG play a role in a BP/Tchalla's matches.

Hmmm...perhaps as 1 of BP's 1-off uber-special moves, a collection of 2 black panthers, a cheetah, lion and a tiger jump outta BP and maul d opponent 4 about 2-3secs den d collectio of big cats converge in2 1 another transforming d omnipotently almighty PG(taking-up d majority of d screen) which den proceed 2 bak-hand d opponent in2 d screen 'ceiling', d opponent returns falling only 2 recieve another in2 d 'side' of d screen followed d a PG jumpin bak in2 BP. Dis whole sequence should take no longer dan 6secs and can only b used once in a single match.

8)Light Armor
9)Thrice Blessed armor

We aint fans of both armorsuits bcuz we believe dat BP doesnt need any.

10) Science & sorcery based martial arts:
We would luv 2 c dis as part of BP in a fight game but we have no idea of how it can b illstrated.

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Too punchy

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@fesak: So is Wolverine, Hulk, She-Hulk, x-23, Ryu, Captain America, Chun-Li, Haggar.....wats ur point?
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too punchy was a stupid reason 4 not putting a character in a FIGHTING game he would be great.

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He's not popular enough to make the game.That's why they used Storm instead.She covers two quotas.She's the token black and she's female.I highly doubt seeing two black characters in a crossover with a smaller roster.Storm is all you get.


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