black panther in avx

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i wanted to know if he does an appearance in avengers side stories like new avengers and etc.

i know he will be on avx vs 5 batteling storm [its gonna be awesome!!arent they husband and wife?]

btw do you recommand secret invasion black panther tradebook?

#2 Posted by Mykhael (71 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes, I recommend the secret invasion book, It's really good and entertaining.

#3 Posted by Hatutzeraze (266 posts) - - Show Bio

The Black Panther crossover in Secret Invasion is easily my favorite thing about that event.

#4 Posted by tal192939 (10 posts) - - Show Bio

and what about avx?

#5 Posted by Eisehorn69 (14 posts) - - Show Bio

@tal192939 said:

and what about avx?

With the exception of the Hickman penned issue of AvX, BP's appearances in the event have been dire. :smh:

#6 Posted by tg1982 (2748 posts) - - Show Bio

BP is in AvX? (It's sarcasm, due to him hardly having a part in AvX, until now atleast)

#7 Posted by Skaddix (3111 posts) - - Show Bio

Fraction did a decent job. Still yeah Black Panther been relevant for 2 Issues but that is two issues more then he was during Fear Itself.

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