Black Panther + FF vs Marvel Zombies (preview)

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Just got the first 5 pages to Black Panther #27. Seems kinda gimicky to have the Marvel Zombies crossing over but it could be fun. Check my blog.

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I know the zombies appear in #28, but they show up before that?? Man, I gotta know what's going on so I can have the local comic shop hold the issues for me! Man... I'm gonna go in debt getting 7 comics each month (well, 3 of them are minis, and this one is only gonna last a few issues).

And how are the Fantastic Four going to fight 6 zombie galacti with, I presume, 1/6th the power of Galactus each? They were probably a great deal to handle before getting the power cosmic.

Well, at least most of them are missing body parts. That should make it easier.

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Those were just the first couple pages of #27, right? Nothing exciting may happen until #28, but I think something's gonna happen.

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