bmbmustdie's Black Panther #38 - Back To Africa, Conclusion review

wow that's just ow.

I miss priest on black panther, sorry just needed. well hudlin is a failure at science and writing.

to quote scansdaily several times.

"My biggest issue with Hudlin's Black Panther is that he seems determined to write every White character as either a racist, an incompetant, or both."

"Why can't anybody not like Black Panther because Hudlin's writing is crap? I mean, were it a comic featuring a white character, the first thing they'd do when they saw those slumping sales numbers is look for a new creative team, but for BP, they're going to call it racism to try to guilt people into buying it?"

"Man... seeing the old Black Panther stuff posted alongside the new just makes me very depressed.

Why is Hudlin still allowed to write?"

"Just looking up at Hudlin's comments at the beginning, along with the notes on DC's diversification strategy.

The reason for the Blue Beetle isn't because he's Hispanic. He's a success because he's written well, and being Hispanic isn't a massive part of his character. It's just his background.

Batwoman isn't a success because right now, all that she is is a lesbian socialite who is also Batwoman. We know nothing more of her than that, really.

Black Panther has to be about more than just being black to be a success."

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