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The nation of Azania has a nuclear missile pointed at Wakanda! The Black Panther's willing to sacrifice his own life for his people's...but will that be enough?

This issue begins with T'Challa meeting head of the trade delegation, Malaika. Malaika's source, Frank Littel, has information on the location of the missile base and a map of the installation. T'Challa makes a deal of 25 million francs and his Avengers ID card, for this information. T'Challa arrives at the missile base, and decides to strike a deal with General Pieter Moorbecx. His life, for the survival of his country.

General Moorbecx sets up a live broadcast for the Black Panther's surrender. Instead, the Black Panther gives words of courage to all people under oppression in Azania, and engages in a brawl with all of General Moorbecx's soldiers. As he tries to escape, he gets caugh by a knockout gas cloud, and is subdued. Chained inside his cell, a large cat like figure emerges from the shadows, it his the embodiment of the Panther God. The Panther God frees T'Challa of his chains, but tells him that he has forsaken him, as well as the oppressed Azanians that pray to the Panther God. The Panther God tells him to go and save Wakanda from the missile launch, but he also lets him know that when it is complete, he will die by the Panther God's hands.

With the help of Malaika, the Black Panther successful disables the war head, and saves Wakanda from utter destruction. But he awaits an even greater challenge, a face to face battle with his God!







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